Changing the Landscape of Healthcare

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As a high school student, I realized that I wanted to become a medical doctor. The dream began after I was injured playing soccer. The orthopaedic surgeon who evaluated me told me that I needed surgery. I was reluctant to have surgery and my parents decided to obtain a second opinion. The second physician advised that I only needed physical therapy and not surgery. I had an uneventful recovery from my injury and have had no problems since that time. This experience made a substantial impact on my life and convinced me to attend medical school and to eventually become an orthopaedic surgeon. My mother even tried to convince me that I shouldn’t become a physician because of the way healthcare was changing back in the early 1990s. I told her that I would change healthcare from within the system. I am now a conservative surgeon who treats my patients like family members, with non-operative care, unless I feel the outcome would significantly improve with surgery. I took an oath to uphold the standards of decency, to protect my patients from harm and to help them whenever possible.  I believe that my time to change the landscape of medicine has arrived. I purchased the website over 12 years ago not knowing what direction to take it until last year. I grew weary of telling patients in the office to “be careful of what you read online.” I have developed this truly unique website with the goal of it being beneficial to both patients and dedicated professionals. I truly believe that I have created an innovative website that hosts improved medical information, which is peer-reviewed, while being simple to understand, benefiting both physicians and patients. Our team at wish to thank you in advance for your anticipated participation in this effort.


Why was started?

Our initiative was started to address the medical misinformation found online. No other site truly gives peer-reviewed and easy to understand research that patients want to access. Our goal is to educate the public on real medical research, not just what makes it on the news.


Our Mission

Library Of Medicine, LLC has officially started a global healthcare initiative with the goal of educating the general population across the planet on medical conditions. Patients have had minimal access to quality unbiased, open access, peer-reviewed information and it is our mission to change this deficiency. Our mission is to provide this information to the general public in easy to understand terms (layman’s terms) and formats. This will bridge the gap between patient and provider, thereby empowering the patient to make better healthcare decisions.



Christopher Doumas, MD


Library Of Medicine, LLC


Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

Rutgers Medical School: RWJUH

New Brunswick, NJ


Chief of Hand Surgery

Jersey Shore University Medical Center

Neptune, NJ