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Healthcare providers are taking back control of providing online medical information. We are a community of providers crossing all disciplines of medicine, surgery, podiatry, chiropractic care and other alternative medicine. We aim to help a community of patients learn accurate, evidence based and easy to read information. Our goal is to give providers a website they can trust to refer their own patients to for reliable and up to date medical information.


Benefits for Contributors:

♦ Publish a review article for free

♦ Publish in an official journal through the Library of Congress

♦ Advance your academic status and recongnition

♦ LOM will link to your practice for free

♦ Public access to your article for free

♦ Gain worldwide recognition through us

♦ Change public online medical information forever

♦ Improve global health literacy

♦ Articles will be distributed publicly through social media

♦ One co-author is allowed per review article


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Reviews at (ISSN 2329-7905)

        For review articles written in an easy to read format. (7-8th grade level)


(*Prior to the peer review process and not finalized/published into layman's terms)


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Additionally, to publish clinical research and case reports visit...

The Journal of the (ISSN 2329-8979)

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Library Of Medicine, LLC has officially started a global healthcare initiative with the goal of educating the general population across the planet on medical conditions. Patients have had minimal access to quality unbiased, open access, peer-reviewed information over centuries and it is our mission to change this deficiency. Our mission is to provide this information to the general public in easy to understand terms (layman's terms) and formats. This will empower the patient to make better healthcare decisions. Our future plans include becoming multilingual as well as launching community healthcare outreach programs for rural and underserved populations. As lofty as this mission may seem it is actually quite simple to accomplish. Help us achieve our goal.

It has been a great start since we launched for healthcare professionals Monday, June 24, 2013!

So far we have signed on:

29 Editors

27 Section Editors

91 Reviewers

Thank you all!

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